Siranggir the Cow

siranggir the cow - north sumatera

Cerita Rakyat Sumatera Utara Siranggir sang Sapi

Folklore from North Sumatra – Siranggir the Cow

SIRANGGIR are cows. He had several children. Every day they went to the field to graze with their owners, Aji Tonggal. He was a young man and he loved her very much cattle. He can even talk to them.

Aji Tonggal and parents to build new homes for them. People have a tradition. Before the family living in their new home, they have to sacrifice a cow. So, my father asked Aji Tonggal sacrificing their biggest cattle. And it Siranggir, mother cows.

Siranggir very sad. But Aji Tonggal must listen to and obey their parents. So, he went to Siranggir and explain what happened. Siranggir know about the tradition, and he also knew that sooner or later he will be sacrificed.

Siranggir the Cow

“Do not worry, Aji Tonggal. I am ready to sacrifice. Please promise me that you will always keep my kids after I leave. And I have a request. Give me some time to talk with my children. I want to say goodbye to them, “said Siranggir.

All the children were very depressing. They do not want to lose their mother. They know about the tradition after their mothers explained to them.

Then, it was time for the ceremony. Aji Tonggal not have the heart to kill the beloved cow. He asks someone else to do it. After Siranggir killed, parents Aji Tonggal along with the meat to neighbors. family still continues to head this Siranggir. heads hung in the kitchen.

A few days after the ceremony, a strange thing happened to the family. Every morning, the family went to court and when they arrived home in the afternoon, they always have food in the kitchen. Enough food for the whole family.

Aji Tonggal really curious. One day, he came home early. He saw a beautiful girl was cooking in the kitchen. Slowly he walked toward her, and took her hand.

“Please let me go. I’ll explain everything. I Siranggir. Though I die, I still want to dedicate my life to you. That’s why I changed my life being a girl,” she said.

Aji Tonggal surprised. He then searched for a head Siranggir in the kitchen. But he could not find it. Then he believes that this Siranggir head has turned into a young girl.

Aji Tonggal then fell in love with the girl. Afterwards, he talked with his parents. He wanted to marry the girl. Parents agree. Once again the family had the ceremony. This time, it was their wedding ceremony. ***

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