Manik Angkeran ( English Version )

Manik angkeran

Cerita Rakyat Bali Manik Angkeran adalah cerita rakyat Nusantara dari Bali yang sering dihubungkan dengan sejarah terjadinya selat Bali. Menurut cerita Konon jaman dahulu kala pulau Jawa dan Pulau Bali merupakan satu pulau, namun karena kejadian menurut cerita ini akhirnya Pulau Bali terpisah dengan Pulau Jawa. di bawah ini merupakan cerita dalam Manik AngkeranĀ  bahasa Inggris, untuk bahasa Indonesia klik di sini Manik Angkeran Indonesia version

Folklore Manik Angkeran from Bali

Some time ago, lived a very rich family in Bali. The father is Sidi Mantra. He was famous for its miracle. He lives happily with his wife and only child Manik Angkeran. Manik Angkeran is a spoiled child. He also had a bad habit. He likes to gamble.

Due to bad habits, his parents soon become poor. They always advised Manik Angkeran to stop bad habits, but he never listened to them. Instead he continued to beg for his parents gave him a lot of money.

Parents then not bear to see him begging. Sidi Mantra then went to Mount Agung. Lived a mighty dragon with his supernatural powers were great. He can give jewelry to those who can say the right prayers and rang the bell. Sidi Mantra has a bell and he also knew the prayer.

“My name is Sidi Mantra. I have a problem. My son likes to gamble. He makes me poor. And now he is asking for a lot of money. I want to give him, but now I want him promise to stop his bad behavior,” explains Sidi Mantra after he met dragon.

Sidi Mantra later said prayers and rang the bell. Suddenly, jewelry out of the dragon’s body. He was very happy and immediately bring home jewelry. This time Sidi Mantra Manik Angkeran want really to stop gambling.

child then promised. But soon he broke a promise and he did not have any more money. He heard that his father took the jewelry from the dragon who lived on Mount Agung. So he stole the bell of his father and then go there.

After arriving at Mount Agung, Manik Angkeran rang the bell. dragon knew him.

“I’ll give you anything you want, but you must promise to stop gambling. Remember karma!” then the dragon gave her jewelry.

Manik Angkeran very happy. Suddenly he had a bad idea. He wants to kill the dragon and stole all her jewelry. The dragon knew his plan and with great force he killed Manik Angkeran. Sidi Mantra is very sad. He asked the dragon to bring the child back to life. dragon agreed but they have to stay in a different place.

After a while, Manik Angkeran back to life. Then Sidi Mantra uses a stick to outline them on the ground.

From the line, the water flows. Immediately into the river. Eventually it became strait. It is separated Java and Bali. People strait later named as the Strait of Bali. ***

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