The Golden Snail ( Keong Emas English Vers )

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Di indonesia memiliki banyak sekali cerita rakyat daerah, cerita – cerita tersebut kebanyakan menggunakan bahasa dari daerah mereka masing – masing, dalam rangka pengenalan budaya indonesia ke mancanegara. juga membantu pembaca mengemas beberapa cerita rakyat Nusantara Indonesia yang terkenal kita sajikan langsung dalam bahasa English… Ikuti cerita di bawah ini Keong Emas bahasa Indonesia atau The Golden Snail bahasa Inggris

The Golden Snail

PRINCE Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran were husband and wife. They live in a palace. Prince Raden Putra father is the king of the kingdom.

folktale The Golden Snail

One day, Goddess Limaran was walking in the palace garden. Suddenly he saw a snail. It was ugly and disgusting.

“Yuck!” Dewi said Limaran and then he threw it into the river.

He did not know that the snail was actually an old and powerful wizard. He can transform himself into anything. Dewi Limaran angry witch. witch put a spell on her and turn her into a golden snail. magician then throw it into the river.

Golden snail that stray away in the river and got stuck in the net. An elderly woman was fishing and the use of net to catch fish. He was surprised to see the snails in his net. He picked it up and took it home. When the old woman woke up in the morning, he was surprised that the house was in better condition. the floor is a waitress. And he also had food on the table. She thought very hard.

“Who is doing this to me? The man was very good.” It happened again and again every morning.
The old woman was very curious. One night he decided to stay up late. He peered out of his room to find out who cooked for him. Then, he could not believe what he saw. Golden snail he was caught in the river turned into a beautiful woman. The old woman approached him.

“Who are you, young lady?”

“I Dewi Limaran, Ma’am. A witch cursed me. I can change it back as a human being only at night,” said Goddard Limaran.

“Mantra can be damaged if I hear the melody of Gamelan sacred,” said Dewi Limaran.cerita keong mas

The old woman was rushed to the palace. He spoke with Prince Raden Putra about his wife.

Prince Raden Putra was very pleased. He had been looking for her everywhere.

folktale The Golden Snail from Indonesia

He then prayed and meditated. He asks the gods to give him the holy Gamelan. He wanted to break the spell of a witch. After several days of prayer and meditation, the gods finally granted his wish. He was immediately brought to the holy Gamelan old woman’s house. He played beautifully. And then the usual golden snail turned into a beautiful goddess Limaran.

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The couple was very happy that they could be together again. They also thanked the old lady for her kindness. In return, they asked him to stay in the palace. ***

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