Garlic and Red Onion

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Garlic and Red Onion

ONION White lived with his stepmother and his half-brother, Shallots. Garlic’s mother died when he was a baby. His father remarried with another woman and then step sister was born.

Unfortunately, not long after his father died. Since then, life Garlic is so sad. his step-mother and step sister Garlic treated badly and always asked him to do all the housework.

One morning, Garlic was washing clothes in the river. Accidentally, her clothes were washed away by the river. She was really worried that he was walking along the river bank to find clothes. Finally he met an old woman. He said that he kept the clothes and would give them back to the Garlic if he helps an old woman doing housework.

Garlic helped him gladly. Once everything is completed, the old lady back clothing. He also gave Garlic gifts. The old woman had two pumpkins, one small and the other pumpkins bigger. Garlic must choose one.

Garlic is not a greedy girl. So he took a small one. After thanking the old woman, Garlic then return. When he arrived home, his stepmother and Bawang Merah angry. They have been waiting for all day. Garlic then told about the clothes, the old lady, and pumpkin. Her mother was really angry that he grabbed the flask and smashed it to the floor. Suddenly they were all surprised. In the flask they find jewelry.

“Shallots, hurry up. Go to the river and throw my clothes into the water. After that, find the old woman. Remember, you must take great pumpkin,” stepmother asks Bawang Merah to do the same thing as Onions experience this White ,

Onions immediately went to the river. He threw clothes and pretending to find them. Not long after that, he met the old woman. Again he asked Bawang Merah to do housework. She refused and asked the elderly woman to give him a big pumpkin.

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The old woman gave him a big one. Shallots are very happy. He ran very fast. When she arrived home, her mother can not wait. He immediately destroy the pumpkin to the floor. They shouted. There are a lot of snakes in the flask! They are really frightened. They are afraid of snakes will bite them.

“Mom, I think God just punish us. We have been doing things that are bad for Garlic. And Allah does not like that. We must apologize to Garlic,” said Bawang Merah.

Finally, they both realized their mistake. They apologized and Garlic forgive them. Now the family is not poor anymore. Garlic decided to sell all the jewelry and used the money to their daily lives. ***

Garlic means garlic (garlic), onions mean onions (shallots).

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